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The Cosmic Temple Inauguration view:

Genesis is ancient cosmology, inspired by God, written by human beings to Israel, who had an ancient understanding of the world and the universe. It does not update this understanding, but speaks its message with their terminology and science.

In the ancient Near East culture, the fact that God created the material world was such an unquestioned idea that it did not concern them. It was not a priority. They were, however, concerned with what function and purpose He gave to the material world and how. This, to them, was existence. This was creation. Therefore, the Genesis account is not one of material origin. It is one of functional origin.

The cosmos are God’s temple, created for Him to rest in: to dwell in and carry out His authority. The creation of a temple involves the setting up of its functions and the entrance of God’s presence. The seven days of Genesis 1 refer to this inauguration.</div>

  • The Hebrew word translated “create” (bara) concerns assigning functions.
  • The account begins in verse 2 with no functions, rather than no material.
  • The first three days pertain to the three major functions of life: time, weather, food.
  • Days four to six pertain to functionaries in the cosmos being assigned their roles and spheres.
  • The recurring comment that “it is good” refers to functionality (relative to people.)
  • The temple aspect is evident in the climax of day seven when God rests – an activity in a temple.

<div style=”text-indent: 20px;”>Even though Genesis is not an account of material origin, it is still biblical and theologically correct to believe Him the originator of all material. Genesis is simply not this account. (See Colossians 1.16-17, Hebrews 1.2, 11.3 for material origin.)

As the Bible does not give a scientific account of material origin, the Christian is free to follow the evidence where it leads. They should be leaders in their fields of biology, cosmology, anthropology, paleontology, etc. to give sound and biblical interpretation of it.

Science cannot prove or disprove God. Although as Christians, we believe that God is in and behind every natural law, creating and sustaining our world, we would be bad scientists and bad Christians to say that the evidence proved this. Likewise, although atheists believe that there is nothing behind the natural laws, they would be bad scientists to say that the evidence proved it.


The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton

The Language of God by Francis Collins

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